HUGE announcement from Disney!

I'm counting the days until I can go back to work for them:


Yes, you've heard right. Click that link, and it will bring you to the official announcement from Walt Disney Imagineering. An entire land in Animal Kingdom themed towards Avatar. Construction is expected to commence in 2013, with a projected completion date not yet announced. The article also announces that two more Avatar sequels are in the works, with new, enchanting stories to be discovered.

Disney Parks Blog has updated since yesterday with answers to some popular questions, you can view that here.

My opinion? It was going to be hard for WDW to compete with the sheer chaos of the fame of Harry Potter for years to come. The Harry Potter brand is just so incredibly interesting to so many millions of people worldwide, and it has since been a huge boost for the Universal Studios theme park brand. If Disney was going to compete with its largest external factor - I cannot believe I am about to say this - it had to come up with something better than New Fantasyland. Don't get me wrong, New Fantasyland is completely necessary and certainly worth updating and "plus-ing", but Harry Potter is more male-geared, and young and teenage boys are a market that Disney has been trying hard to fill. New Fantasyland is "girly", and they have been having problems since day one trying to find a way to make it more "boy friendly." The Avatar brand is massive. It can appeal to everyone in any age or gender group, and has the "Disney value" of family right at its core. The potential to turn this land into something completely innovative in the attractions sense is endless. I know people will have their opinions that WDI (Walt Disney Imagineering) should have created their own idea instead of acquiring the Avatar brand, but I think this was a stellar move. Why create the fan base when there are already millions of fans worldwide? I say good on Imagineering and I cannot wait to see this all come together! So excited! I'll keep my blog updated with any new information that is released!


  1. The biggest "problem" with New Fantasyland and Fantasyland in general is that it is whimsical and childlike, which doesn't always appeal to folks who are a little more grown up and prefer intense thrills with their fantasy. Harry Potter appeals to a much broader group, excluding only the youngest visitors (maybe 4 and under). While Fantasyland is brilliant for that excluded group, it's marginally entertaining for their parents and the older kids. For the vast majority of people who are not attending with small children, Fantasyland is an obligatory nostalgia stop and shop with a few rides for old times sake (and maybe a Princess photo). Harry Potter is a dynamite butter beer thrillville for everyone, including the young adventurers.

  2. However, with the additions they are building, they are gearing Fantasyland to be more for the whole family and less for small children - the mine coaster, the new dining experiences, as well as the ability to explore all the new "storybook worlds." It's going to be a bit more than just a "nostalgia stop."

    If you read the Q&A post from the Disney Parks Blog, you'll see that Disney specifically addresses the fact that the Avatar was rated PG-13. However, they plan on these being "fantasy worlds" that all guests can enjoy. Good to note.

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